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Welcome to Doggy Hydrant!

The Doggy Hydrant was originally conceived out of the idea to help isolate the potty area of mans best friend and save expensive landscaped yards or encourage the use and placement on indoor potty areas. Even though it is still used as a dog training aid to make your pet piddle in the same spot each time, it has become a great accessory and decor piece for the most pampered dogs and has become popular as a photogoraphy prop and set decoration. This miniature replica fire hydrant was designed using data from real fire hydrants and is surfaced to mimic the actual cast iron finish of real hydrants.

Manufactured in the heartland of the USA using 100% USA made materials and labor, these replicas are 20 inches tall and weigh just 5 lbs. They come with a fitted plug in the bottom so they can be filled with sand or other materials to keep them stable and are constructed of durrable exterior grade urethane materials and finished with UV stable paints and clear coats which will keep these hydrants looking good for years.

The Doggy Hydrant is currently available in three colors, Pink, Blue and Classic Red.

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